Bayesian Content Manager, Part I

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Not surprisingly, the availability of information via the Internet is growing at an exponential rate. This extensive accessibility creates an increase in responsibility to control or monitor what content should be viewed. There are several products on the market to sift through web content and decide for the consumer what is "good" or "bad." However, some of these products present issues. For example, most of the filtering process is left to the software and done behind the scenes without user involvement. Also, the users that purchase the product are not connected in any way to other consumers. This limits the amount of discussion between people concerning individual purposes for filtering content or helping each other to reach specific objectives.

Solution and Goals

This is where the Bayesian Web Filtering Clearinghouse proposal comes to life. The best way to solve this problem would be to create an online community where users can obtain accounts, edit "content managers," and publish them so multiple people are able to view and utilize which ones they believe would be beneficial. These changing objects are called content managers because they hold more than just a filter. They also contain a promotion list, quite the opposite of a filter. This allows users to promote certain websites for users to visit.

So our basic concern boils down to the question of how a system of multiple concurrent users can be supported with the intent to manage web-based content. My personal goal was to complete as much functionality of the web site as possible including database management and dynamic page functionality.

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